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Hey, you! You’ve reached the new site. WELCOME!! We have finally made it here. This launch has been months in the making (boy have I gotten tired of saying to people “I’m in the process of launching blah blah blah”!!) and I am so excited to finally show you. Please have a click around and check things out. You’ll find a bunch of posts from the old blog, and as of RIGHT NOW we are kicking off a 2-week launch party! Yay!

If you’ve been checking in on me every now and then, you will have witnessed all kinds of changes to my blogging style over the years. In my early 20s I rambled and was pretty super random. Then I became obsessed with crafting and Etsy. Then I turned all my efforts to a 365 that never quite finished. Then I went on a brief “healthy girl” bender (ha!), then kind of dropped off the blogosphere almost completely other than an occasional reflective post. It’s all out there, floating around internet-land. I check in for a nostalgic chuckle every now and then. Anyway, that’s my journey… which brings us to Her Happy Heart (version 2.0)!

Her Happy Heart will be a lifestyle blog specifically aimed at women (but hey, men are welcome to have a read too!). The intention of the blog is to inspire women to find joy in their normal, day-to-day lives. Posts will cover topics such as cooking, DIYs, personal finance, health, beauty, eating out, relationships and parenting, as well as personal insight into the lives of the writers/contributors. The aim is to be relevant to women all over the world, but also to promote local people, businesses and producers in my beautiful home city, Perth. And the big news?! Her Happy Heart is no longer my personal blog, but more a collective of different writers and voices. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER. Of course I will still post a lot *wink* BUT you’re also going to find new perspectives, new angles, and new awesome people that you’re going to love hearing from! Please check out our About Us page to meet the lovely team.

The man behind this new, much lovelier website is Andrew at Red Licorice. Ohmygoodness, he has made this transition so awesome. I am not tech-savvy (I was barely clinging on over on my old Blogger account!) and he took care of everything AND TRAINED ME ON HOW TO USE THIS THING. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

We’ve got an awesome, meaty launch series coming your way on – what else – happiness. It seemed appropriate given the over-arching theme of the blog, no? Over the next two weeks you’re going to hear from some awesome ladies and their perspective on the topic. Our 2-week launch party is also going to include a delightful recipe AND A GIVEAWAY. You’re going to want to stick around for that one!

I really hope you enjoy the blog, and I hope you stick around and keep checking in. If you’re not already following the various social media channels we’ve got going on, please do! You can find us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks heaps for being here!


Artwork Credit: Ashleigh Elizabeth


Comments (10)

  1. Laney
    Aug 08, 2016

    YAY! Congrats HHH crew on the launch 😀 Looking forward to the upcoming series xx

  2. Shemma
    Aug 08, 2016

    Well done hon! It looks great! Super excited to see all you do with this beautiful space 😊

    • Aug 09, 2016

      Thank you!! And thanks for your support and encouragement along the way xx

  3. Dale Twycross
    Aug 08, 2016

    Good on you Klara!! It will be fun to see what you post. xx

  4. tash
    Aug 08, 2016

    Great job! Looks fabulous!

  5. Leigh
    Aug 08, 2016

    Yay! Congratulations Klara! Look forward to reading this blog!!


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