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Why We Love Bonnie and Neil (and why you probably will too!)

Why We Love Bonnie and Neil (and why you probably will too!)

Why We Love Bonnie and Neil | Be prepared to discover your new favourite online homewares store! Bonnie and Neil's beautiful, unique decor range is amazing - can we please fill our homes with it all NOW!?

If you’re in the business of pretty-ing up your home, there is no way you can go past the stunning home wares from Bonnie and Neil. Bonnie Ashley and Neil Downie a real life couple kicking serious butt in the interior design world. The pair share a love of botanicals, colours and patterns, and have come so far since they launched Bonnie And Neil in 2010 from a small Melbourne studio. Bonnie And Neil have an extremely diverse product range that caters to every room in the house including cushions, tableware, timber furniture, bedding, artwork, wall tiles and ceramics. Each product is printed by hand (how cool is that?), with a combination of traditional screen-printing techniques as well as customised methods they have discovered and developed over the years. Not too shabby, eh? (If this is starting to sound a bit familiar, it’s because we’ve previously shared a little about our love for this great Australian brand – we just can’t get enough of them!)

So, why do we love them so much?

Floral Oil Timber Painting

The Colours

We absolutely love colours—the more vibrant, the better, and there’s nothing dull about Bonnie and Neil. There isn’t a shade on the colour-wheel that they haven’t experimented with. Look at that setup. LOOK AT IT.

Diamond Black Wall Tile

The Patterns

We’re high-key obsessed with the incredible materials, patterns and textures Bonnie and Neil incorporate in their designs. I bet you thought too many patterns would look crowded, too busy and generally overwhelming. Nope! How do they do it? Seriously . . . How?

Rare Garden Blue Linen Throw

The Range

Yep! They really do have something for every room in the house. I absolutely love their screen-printed wooden furniture and tiles, and I can’t wait to pick up one (or seven) of their stunning cushions to brighten up my living room.

Hakea White Reclaimed Shadow Box

The Nature Vibes

We can all agree that nature is very ‘in’ right now. Indoor plants are trending like never before and the colour green is definitely having a moment. Bonnie and Neil draw so much inspo from plants and animals, particularly those native to Australia, and they’ve done amazing, creative things with that inspo.

Oil Paint Multi Coffee Table

The Hard Work

Bonnie and Neil home wares are handmade and screen-printed by hand, too. That’s a lot of hard work! Screen-printing is super time consuming, especially when doing it the old fashioned way. Isn’t it cool to own something that’s had so much hard work go into it? Makes it a bit more spesh and personal.

If you’re a Melbourne local, lucky you! Go check out their incredibly gorgeous store in Brunswick. The rest of us have to admire from afar and purchase their beautiful wares online (check out our top tips for buying online!).

Item in feature image: Floral Oil Painting Timber Screen


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