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It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

…is anyone else wary of those flashing/buzzing contraptions they give you at restaurants? Like, you know that when they go off, you can’t miss it because they buzz super obnoxiously and the lights flash like crazy… I mean, people three tables down from you know that your food’s ready and waiting for you to grab it off the counter… but you can’t help staring at the thing anyway, worried that you’ll miss it? No? Just me? I’m a bit funny about table numbers too, the ones they hand you when you order and pay for your food. I’m quite obsessed with making sure the number is as visible as possible. I move it around the table constantly, trying to guess the angle that my waiter will be viewing it from. Because heaven forbid they have to crane their neck a little or take a step sideways to confirm my numerical allocation. It stresses me out man!

Don’t mind me today, I’m functioning on about 2.5 hours of sleep. I have been totally spoilt by a kiddo who has been sleeping through the night for longer than I can even remember now. Not gloating, just providing some background. Because the next part of the story goes like this: last night, our buddies teething and a hot new cold came to play, and my poor little guy was crying every 30-45 minutes. All night. The longest stretch of sleep I got was when I accidentally drifted off while cuddling him in the nursery arm chair. Today, of course, he’s a chirpy (albeit snotty) little chicken, and Chris and I are utterly shattered and feeling very sorry for ourselves.

You know what’s great about being a sometimes-food-blogger? Recipe developing. Because the recipe development process can take 2 or 3 hits sometimes, and you get to eat all this food you might not have otherwise been cooking on a Sunday morning, were it not for your upcoming blog post. I’m not going to tell you what I was testing, styling and photographing today (just wait!), but it involved chocolate and marshmallows. The sugar coma is real. Don’t tell Michelle Bridges.

Found some smashing links for y’all this week!

Reading how this guy tricked himself into reading more books has actually thrilled and excited me. I seriously need to make myself read more!

I’m all about changing my mindset after reading Make versus Create. Such a simple concept, yet with the potential to make life a little more fulfilling!

Just popping these Ten Ways to be Less Serious and Have More Fun right here. You need it in your life. Well OK. Maybe you don’t. I definitely do.

This hilarious bag. Just to clarify (in case a certain husband of mine is reading) no, I won’t be dropping $181.11 on a bag. But I like looking at it.

These BEAUTIFUL breakfast crostini (crostinis?) OMG. Who wouldn’t be super impressed to be served a tray of these bad boys at brunch!?

That’s my links this week. What are yours?


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