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It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

… how do we live in a day and age in which some people don’t own a dryer?

No, but seriously, HOW.

They’re so convenient. Laundry doesn’t have to wait for a sunny day in the middle of Winter. You don’t have to set up clothes airers in all the open spaces in your home that will get in your toddler’s way as he runs his laps. Ain’t no airers cramping my toddler’s style. I mean don’t get me wrong, if the weather is fine, of course I’m pushing my trolley out the back, soaking up my vitamin D and singing a merry tune while pegging up every sock, pair of undies and ridiculously tiny scrap of fabric posing as toddler shorts.

But my dryer.

It’s so convenient. It’s so there when I need it. It’s so cozy. Jump out of the shower and into a soft, warm, dryer-fresh towel on a freezing cold night and tell me it’s not a life-affirming experience.

Dryers win. Case closed. And don’t even get me started on how people can live without a dishwasher.

Seriously though, how?

OH. MY. GOSH. Can I tell you how relieved I am that we’ve gotten to Sunday!? This week has been cray. Chris has worked late almost every night (9pm+), then on Friday he went straight from work to run AV for a band (home at 2am), THEN yesterday he had to go back to work early in the morning, THEN went straight from there to ANOTHER band gig (home at 2am again). Like holy moly. What even is that!? Last night in my delirious sleep state I was vaguely aware of him arriving home and demolishing half the contents of our fridge because he hadn’t eaten all day before collapsing into bed beside me, and pretty much not moving until mid-morning today.

Weeks like this are very difficult motivation-wise. Chris’s schedule is off, which bumps mine off, and basically I achieved almost nothing this week. Luckily my Mum came to help out and give me some much-needed company throughout the week, which I was very grateful for! And now we’ve made it to Sunday, and we’re actually spending family time again. Whew. All is in its place again.

Now… is that a bunch o’ links I can smell?

Check out thiiiiis agate mobile DIY. I have been obsessed with gemstones since I was like 9 (for their gorgeous-ness, not the magical crystal properties mumbo jumbo). This is downright DREAMY.

You Are Never Too Much. I absolutely adore this simple reminder to embrace and accept myself, teeny-bopper-esque obsession with Hanson (yep, the 90s boy band) and all!

These polluted water popsicles (not, they’re not edible!) are fascinating and horrific.

These DIY lollipops with edible flowers are so darn pretty!


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