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It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

…why is it so exhausting when you spend a day on the couch, doing nothing but binge-watch Netflix and drink tea? Not that my current lifestyle as a Mum affords me this opportunity any more, but Chris and I used to do it on the reg back in the day, and man, I think it was more exhausting than chores days or socializing. So that’s weird.

Yesterday I went camping. And by that I mean I attended the day-time part of a camping bachelorette weekend for my sweet friend Lisa. Sure I didn’t stay the night, but I enjoyed many fundamental camping experiences – I peed in a long drop toilet, I sat under a marquee-tent-thing and ate chips, I doused myself with bug spray to avoid being bitten by March flies, I even sat on the bank of a muddy river at one point.

So yeah. I basically camped yesterday.

I wore a dress, though. Is that weird? As I explained to the event organizer, I exclusively wear dresses (yes, I hear the words now and I know it sounds kind of douchey). I don’t own jeans or shorts. So I went camping in a dress. I was definitely the only one there in a dress, but does that make it wrong? Seasoned campers, weigh in here! Don’t hold back!

So in other news, now is as good a time as any to confess that “Klara” was not my Mum’s first choice of names for me. She was super keen to call me Daisy. Luckily my Dad had the good sense to knock that back immediately. Thanks Dad.

Guys I could have been DAISY DONOVAN.

I wonder if I would have turned out differently with a name like Daisy? One thing I know for sure is it wouldn’t have been any easier for me to find personalized pens, mugs, socks, magnets, bracelets or snow globes at the news agent. Rare name struggles, amiright?

So! This week’s brilliant links…

I’m making these sweetheart cherry pies for a baby shower today. So cute!

This week I optimized all my Pinterest boards, because apparently that’s a thing. And they look preeeeeetty. Have a look! (And follow me while you’re there?!) #shamelesspinterestplug

Can I just pretend for a moment that it’s mid-Winter, and freezing cold, and I need this Guinness Beef Shepherd’s Pie tonight???

Five Questions To Ask Ourselves When We Are Struggling To Decipher What We Believe – laid out, it seems so simple and easy to execute, yet it’s so overlooked in our day to day!

Currently waiting (and waiting and waiting) for this navy sequined jumper to become even cheaper. I loooove it, but $82 is still too much for a single item of clothing for me. Come on baby. Make mama smile.

Hope your Sunday is awesome – and be sure to share any awesome links with me below!

PS Call me Daisy.


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  1. Lux G.
    Mar 06, 2017

    Five questions is definitely helpful.
    I hope your week will be better than last.


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