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It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

It’s Sunday and I’ve Been Thinking…

… Pregnant capsicums. Don’t look at me like that. You know what I’m talking about. Those capsicums that house miniature, malformed baby capsicums inside them, and when you cut into the main capsicum, the baby capsicum comes rolling out. Those. I guess I’m just wondering what would happen if the main capsicum were left on the plant, allowing the baby capsicum to continue growing inside. Would the baby eventually break free? Could it potentially grow into a normal-shaped capsicum if given a chance? Would the main capsicum need to be sacrificed in order for the baby capsicum to reach its full potential?

Pregnant Capsicums would actually be a great band name. I shouldn’t start a band called Pregnant Capsicums, should I?

No. That would be crazy.


I was in a band when I was 12. We were called Lipgloss and we had ONE chorus to ONE song, and you can bet that once that chorus had been rehearsed and recorded on a tape, our sights were set on the stars. THE STARS. We did band photo shoots. We marketed ourselves to Smash Hits Magazine. We had a website which was solely an animated GIF of our names fading in and out, one after the other. We really thought we were hot chips. The best part, though, was that – not unlike the Spice Girls – we each had a Lipgloss “flavour” assigned to us. I think I was peppermint, AKA the cheeky one.

Ah memories.

The following year, we didn’t have any classes together and despite our best efforts, the band drifted apart, forever immortalized by our one perfect portion of one song.

You’re wondering about that chorus, aren’t you? Feast your eyes on this:

“You looked in my eyes, I looked away;
That time, that day.”

Shut up. It may be short but musically it was super pretty.

So LINKS. Here they are in all their link-y goodness:

Confidence vs. Cockiness: The Difference – All I can say about this is YES. When you’re good at something, it’s not cocky to gracefully acknowledge it! Accept those compliments, babes!

Feeling super keen to shove one of these buffalo chicken hoagies straight into my face hole. YUM.

Obsessed with the colours of these gorgeous aerosol paintings by Casey Gray. Yowza.

This Farmhouse Dining Room is everything. If I were an amazing decorator and had the funds, I would totally make-over our house to be farmhouse. Until we someday move to the beach, then it will be beach shack vibe. Obviously.

Dying to gobble up this poppy seed fruit salad, and that’s huge for me. If anybody can sell me a fruit salad, Jessica Merchant can.

Happy Sunday, glorious people!


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