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It’s Sunday and I’ve been LAUNCHING…

It’s Sunday and I’ve been LAUNCHING…

… a brand new website for mothers!

She the Fierce

I am SO EXCITED. The idea of launching a separate blog for mothers popped into my head a few months ago. I assumed I would sit on it for a year, or at least 6 months, before tackling it. After all, I’m still finding my way with Her Happy Heart. But one night in my kitchen, as I cooked dinner for my family, the name She the Fierce popped into my head, and with that, an entire vision. Faith. Encouragement. Love. Gentleness. Community. A place for mothers to lay down their weapons and let their roles as mothers unite them, not draw them apart.

That morning, my idea for a motherhood blog was abstract, unformed, and in no way a current commitment. Something I would slowly begin imagining properly “when I had time” in the unforeseeable future. But after dinner that night I was buying a domain, commissioning a logo, learning to build a website (Her Happy Heart was built for me!), and brainstorming women to invite to join the writing team.

It has been a roller coaster, but the best things often are. It’s not perfect, but it feels like home.

So today I only have one link to share with you, and that is our welcome post.

I have hand-picked an absolutely gorgeous writing team of mothers whose hearts match mine, and who are thrilled to connect with fellow mothers through their writing. I have also created a private Facebook group where mothers can connect and share openly in a safe space.

If motherhood is a part of your identity in any way, shape or form, you’re invited to join us on this new venture.

I hope to see you there.


PS Don’t fret, Her Happy Heart will still be running as normal! We’re not going anywhere!


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