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HHH Book Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

HHH Book Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

HHH Book Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

Title: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet
Author: Sara Hagerty
Genre: Personal growth, life story, Christianity.

How did I hear about the book? A while ago, my friend Aimee mentioned she was reading it. Then she read it again. Then she reminded me to read it. Then she recommended it to my friend Bethia. Then Bethia told me to read it. Then I finally got myself a copy and they were both like, “You won’t regret this.”
If you want to read this book, you have to like testimonies, autobiographical writing, being open to stories about Jesus and life transformation, tears, and a bit of a challenge.
Did I finish the book within the month? Not quite there yet.
How many pages did I actually read? 53% (because I’m reading it on a kindle).

Did you enjoy it? Yes! I knew I would because of the character of those recommending it to me, but it was less…say, enjoyable but more …beautiful, than I ever thought it would be.
Is it easy to put down and pick up frequently without losing track of the idea? Yes. I remember Bethia saying, “I have to keep putting it down because there’s just so many little treasures, so much gold in her words, I can’t process it all at once.” I couldn’t think of a better way to word it, or not give her credit or, so that is it.

Plot explained well Sara Hagerty shares some of the enormously highs and lows of intimate parts of her life. She openly deals with the beauty and hard truths of infertility, marriage, adoption, being a mum, a wife and a friend; all while pursuing a beautiful, honest, conversational and real relationship with God every day.

Plot explained badly Moving book about lady’s life and all the challenges it entails. Spoiler: still loves Jesus at the end.

Plot as written on the back of the book

HHH Book Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty

Reminded me of Several women in my church. I’m not sure if I’ve read an autobiography like hers? She speaks from a heart of knowing a God whom she has adored and wrestled with and loved and ignored and hurt with and laughed with and, above all, she has not caged him to what she wants him to be, but opens up her heart to seeing who He actually is.

Favourite section Although the entire book is filled with “treasures”, I loved reading the part at the very beginning, where she talks about adopting their first two children. I know adoption is a difficult, messy process but the beauty that comes out of their first meeting sold me for the rest of the book.

What I loved about the book Her unapologetic-ness. She shares her shame and her glory, her happiness and her bitterness, without any hint of embarrassment. She accepts and shares her journey and her walk with God exactly as it is, uncaring to the reader’s judgement or comparison. Beautiful.

Most memorable quote I would forever be stripped of any outward ability to make a dent in the world, but I would know, secretly, that I moved God’s heart. I was growing to understand that this season that felt stalled was not one for me to despise. It was one that He not only loved but orchestrated. He liked me when no one was looking. He enjoyed my private devotion.”
Also notable quote But they all shared something in common. They acted as if they believed God didn’t just tolerate them; He enjoyed them… they referenced their day-to-day experience with God as if it were an adventure… they approached their days with a confidence that God had something for them – not just one big something but lots of little somethings.”

Would you recommend it/10? Definitely. For those going through hardship: it looks different for everyone, so yours might feel cleaner, or messier, than someone else’s – but just to know that you are not alone.

If you don’t believe me…
_ Well, that’s your loss. Ha! She’s a well-renowned blogger, a writer, a wife and a mother, and writes from a place of authority on subjects of the heart. You don’t need lists of awards for every book I recommend now do you?

Wanna buy it?
In real life actual paper form: Koorong
In equally real life electronic weightless form: Amazon for Kindle

See you next month!

Feel free to comment with your own review below! Did you love it? Are you going to give it a go? Did you cry as often as I did? I wanna know!HHH Book Review: Every Bitter Thing is Sweet by Sara Hagerty



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