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The Custard Tea Trend (You Need This In Your Life)

The Custard Tea Trend (You Need This In Your Life)

Here at Her Happy Heart, we are all about popular trends. Not all trends have long-term staying power though, so we try to filter through and only bring your attention to the very best – the trends that we would happily put our names behind and have people say “Yes, isn’t this great? I heard about it on Her Happy Heart.”

Guys. Custard tea is one of those trends.

Have you heard of it yet? It’s the tea-drinker’s cheeky response to bulletproof coffee (that’s coffee with a big spoonful o’ butter plopped in, if you didn’t know). It’s for those evenings after dinner when your tastebuds scream “DESSERT PLEASE” but your full belly screams “DEAR GOD YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME WOMAN.”

It has all the properties of a soothing evening cuppa, but it tastes like dessert.

And the best part? It’s so quick and easy to prepare! I mean, you could go to the effort of making your own custard if you’re a “from scratch” kind of person, but with so many different ready-made custards on the market, why bother?

Tahlia and I finally tried custard tea for ourselves last weekend. We were away at the Inspire Collective creative retreat and had enjoyed a spectacular Diner en Blanc with all the attendees at a gorgeous property out in Dunsborough. There was a barn, live music, picnic food galore, a chai caravan AND a sea of white dresses as far as the eye could see. AMAZING.

After the dinner we went back to our accommodation, sat down at the rustic wooden dining table, and drank custard tea together.

This is how friendships are built.

We used long-life lactose-free custard but any custard would work just as well. Personally, I’m curious to try chocolate custard next time!

So how do you make this glorious concoction?

Simply brew your tea to your preferred strength, and add the custard as you normally would add milk. No need for any additional sugar – the sweetness of the custard has got you covered. Basically you want that yellow, oily sheen on the surface – once that occurs, you know you’ve added the optimum amount of custard:

The Custard Tea Trend (You Need This In Your Life)

Love that glittery sheen!!

I think my custard-tea-drinking-face says it all:

The Custard Tea Trend (You Need This In Your Life)

Feeeeeel the serenity.

So in other news… how’s your April Fools Day treating you?!?!

Planning an epic prank on your loved ones? Just remember, custard tea pranks* are totally acceptable. Pregnancy pranks, not so much. Prank right, prank smart!

Happy April Fools!

* Except Tahlia and I really did drink custard tea. That part is not a prank. We learnt the hard way to carefully read the label on the “milk” carton before haphazardly pouring it into your cuppa.


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