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Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady

Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady

I am officially the laziest woman I know when it comes to beauty and skincare. I probably only wash my face with product every two or three days. I forget to moisturise. I think that toner is for my printer and highlighter is a stationery item. If you see me wearing makeup, you have obviously caught me on either a special occasion or I have forgotten to take my makeup off from yesterday’s special occasion. But I am picky. Over time, I have developed a criteria for purchasing my skincare products, which are as follows:

1. Not particularly organic but at least aims towards being natural
2. Doesn’t cost me my life savings

So I have done the research and I have my set collection of favourites. Without further delay, here are my top three, “How on earth did I ever live a fulfilled life without these products?” products!

Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady | Skin care products that are easy to use and won't break the bank - it's a win-win!


Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady

Brand MooGoo
Specifically I use New Eczema and Psoriasis Cream / Scalp Cream / Post Hair Removal Cream / Tail Swat Body Spray (Bug Repellent) /their sister brand Dusty Girls Mascara.

What’s so great about them? Natural range of products. Designed to be baby and sensitive skin friendly. They are free from all those nasty things like parabens and phenoxyethanol and other things I can’t pronounce. Although not completely organic, every single ingredient is listed on their website/products for you to peruse. Straight-forward, easy to understand skincare.
Anything notable? I use the Scalp Cream for my son’s cradle cap. MY WORD. I tried Coconut Oil (ineffective), Olive Oil (effective but only if you spent an hour combing his scalp afterwards, and did it every three days) and regular moisturiser (ineffective). I literally put this product on his scalp thirty minutes before his bath, once a week, and it washes the condition off after one wash, two at most. No red scalp, no hours wasted on combing (and losing!) hair. So unbelievably magic.
Cost Worth every dollar, and there aren’t many dollars invested into it once you know it works. Average of $15 – $25 per item, and would buy again every time.

Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady

Brand Sukin Skincare
Specifically I use Revitalising Facial Scrub / Hydrating Mist Toner / Facial Moisturiser / Moisture Restoring Night Cream / Natural Deodorant (not anymore but was good for a season) / Hydrating Facial Masque / Sunless Bronzing Gel.
What’s so great about them? Organic (although not certified organic; they have something like three or four ingredients per product that aren’t organic but it’s all listed and explained why they are used). Huge range of choice, including a sensitive skin selection, oil balancing, a rose hip oil collection and a newly released baby friendly range.
Anything notable? It is so refreshing to have a bronzing gel that doesn’t make me turn yellow! And it works pretty damn quickly. I only put on one layer – I find two layers is too much. Being a gel, you have to work quickly and evenly, but I love the natural tone it brings to my super pasty skin.
Cost Average of $8.50 – $24.95 per product. They go on sale at Priceline for 40% more often than I need to buy them, and Chemist Warehouse always has them at a great price.

Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady

Brand Thankyou Body Care
Specifically I use Botanical Sweet Orange & Almond Hand Lotion, Botanical Mint & Spring Flowers Body Wash, Antibacterial Lemon & Lime Hand Sanitiser.
What’s so great about them? They do the job. This sounds silly, but I don’t need them to do anything sensational, because they are just doing some basic tasks. BUT 100% of the profits from Thankyou Body Care products funds water, sanitation and hygiene programs in low-income countries. You can read more about it here. Also, each bottle has its own ID, so can track which project the purchase of your product is going towards – including exact location and detailed information on the project!
Anything notable? The Mint Body Wash is one of the best smelling products I own! I bought it based purely on smell and I have no regrets.
Cost? Average between $3 – $15.


Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady
Brand LUSH
Item Catastrophe Cosmetic – fresh blueberry clay face mask
Price $13.95
Pro Fresh, smells great, natural ingredients, face feels luxurious afterwards
Con Has to be used within approximately two weeks due to fresh ingredients
Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady
Brand LUSH
Price $6.95
Pro Smells beautiful, relaxing, natural ingredients
Con You have to wait for the bath to fill with water
Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady
Brand The Body Shop
Price $10.95
Pro Feels like you’re having an expensively luxurious body wash
Con When it runs out, you have to buy more
Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady
Brand Heaven’s Beauty Salon, located in Bateman
Item Heavenly Beauty Balm
Price $24.95
Pro Local made, all natural ingredients, smells luscious
Con I have to take the long 15 minute drive to Bateman to get it

Alternatively, if you’re interested in DIY basic hair and skincare check out this post!

Basic Skincare for the Lazy Lady | Skin care products that are easy to use and won't break the bank - it's a win-win!

Comments (2)

  1. Rachel
    Apr 21, 2017

    Love a lot of these products! Where do you buy the MooGoo scalp cream in Perth? Or only through the website? Thanks 🙂

    • Apr 23, 2017

      Hey Rachel! Kat said you should be able to find stockists on the website: moogoo.com.au BUT they definitely sell it at the health food store at Gateways, Honeywood Pharmacy and Kwinana Pharmacy 🙂 hope that helps!!


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