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The Art of the Perfectly Packed Clutch

The Art of the Perfectly Packed Clutch

Hey you lil bride-to-be or faithful bridesmaid or ball attendee or just any woman who uses a clutch or small bag ever, what’s up? If you’re like me, you have an ‘everyday bag’ and then a stockpile of clutches for different occasions. Most of the time, those clutches look absolutely bangin’, but they’re not much to brag about in terms of space. Today, I’m hitting you up with the essentials I reckon you should prioritise in your clutch. This list doesn’t include the essential essentials like your phone, keys and purse, mkay? Those are just a given.

The Art of the Perfectly Packed Clutch | Everything you could possibly need in your purse for weddings and events.


Grab your beautiful lipstick of choice and chuck that bad-boy all up in that clutch. Obviously, even the “24-hour-stay” lipsticks need to be reapplied, so keep it handy.


Okay so I’m not particularly an oily-skinned gal, but on my wedding day I was SWEAT-TAY. A little pressed powder goes a long way, so invest in one you can keep in your bag when you need it—if you can get one with a little mirror in the lid, even better. You can use the mirror to check your teeth and reapply lipstick, too. Or, you know, your phone’s selfie-camera in a pinch. We’ve all done it. #noshame

A Lacky & Bobbypins

Is it going to be windy? Is the updo you spent ages crafting secure enough? What if your hair gets wet? Best to be prepared by arming yourself with a good lacky (no, not that old stretched out one) and some bobbypins.

Needle, Thread & Safety Pins 

Okay so I know this seems like a weird one, it really only applies to my bride-ladies out there, but TRUST me. Wedding dresses are all lace and pretty gems and so, so delicate. On my wedding day, the little loop that you can use to tie up your bustle snapped before I even got to the reception. I had to hold up my train for like, 5 hours—it was super annoying, and all I could think was, if only I had a needle and thread. I know other brides that split the seam of their gowns with crazy dance moves, or a hole just developed somewhere during the day. Needle and thread, ladies! Sneak it into one of your bridesmaids’ clutches if you need to, they won’t mind.

Tampons, Pads or Menstrual Cup

Have you ever got your period unexpectedly and had nothing on you? Ugh—it’s the worst. I always have an emergency tampy in my bag, and the amount of times I’ve given it away to another woman in need . . . I mean, I don’t want to use the word “hero’, but . . .


No matter how much you’ve worn in your shoes for this special occasion, they’re never worn in enough—right? Don’t even give those sneaky blisters a chance.

Other Bits & Pieces

Okay, I feel like I’ve outlined the essentials, but if you’ve got some more room in that clutch, you might want to consider throwing in some tissues, pain reliever, a comb, gum, mini perfume or deodorant, your Netflix watching device, a puppy, spare bra, spare tyre, gym equipment or KFC Family Feast. Just whatever you have room for.

The Art of the Perfectly Packed Bridal Clutch | Everything you could possibly need in your purse on your wedding day (and other events!)


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