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About Us

Her Happy Heart is a lifestyle blog aimed at encouraging women to live their best, most joy-filled lives. With posts covering topics such as home life, parenting, cooking, dreaming and creating, we hope to inspire and foster a mindset of bravery, discovery and hope for all women who stumble upon our happy little home. Her Happy Heart is collectively written by four regular authors and a handful of guest writers. We hope that no matter who you are and what your story is, you will find a piece of encouragement here!

Please meet our team:


Klara Donovan


Her Happy Heart began as Klara’s own personal blog in 2010. It has grown and developed over the years, following her various life stages and interests. Klara has been blogging for more than 10 years (you will find pieces of her scattered all over the internet if you look hard enough!) and has been a keen writer since childhood.

She lives in Perth, Western Australia and is married to a Californian IT-nerd/carpentry dabbler/handyman extreme, Chris. They have one gorgeous, long-lashed little boy, Jackson, and their fur-babies include a spoodle called Cupcake, a blue heeler/kelpie cross called Dog and a rather large black cat called Ebony.

Klara is a stay-at-home Mum with a background in finance and admin. She’s a Christian who loves singing, cooking, cups of tea, grey rainy days, scrapbooking and suggesting spectacular renovation and handyman projects to Chris! Klara is a big believer in finding joy in the little things in day-to-day life. She also believe that happiness, at least in some capacity, is a fundamental human need.



Ashleigh Elizabeth


Ashleigh is a devout Christian and attends a church in the southern suburbs of Perth. She was married in early 2014; Ashleigh and her husband are long-term house sitters, and are saving very hard for a home of their own.

Ashleigh describes herself as a ‘confident introvert’ who loves people, but lives to lounge around all day in her pajamas with a book. Any spare time she has is dedicated to watching makeup tutorials and comedians on YouTube.

She is a watercolour enthusiast and spends countless hours in her makeshift studio (a table in her spare bathroom) painting animals, landscapes, gift tags and abstract images. She predominantly paints for her friends and family on request and has made a modest profit from her art.

Ashleigh is also a keen writer and currently studies Creative Writing at university – a course that explores every aspect of writing. This is something Ashleigh has had a heartfelt interest in since early childhood, and she loves all forms of writing. Ashleigh has high hopes of making writing her main source of income some day.



Katherine Louise


Kat lives in Perth, Western Australia and is pretty happy with her dandy life of 30 years. She is married to Andrew, who is a freelance graphic designer, all-around cool guy and now dad to their ridiculously adorable newborn little boy.

Kat is a manager of a cafe, with a background that looks like a bag of assorted mixed lollies – administration, finance, selling yoghurt, image consulting, making coffee, account managing – but is throwing it all in this year to be a full-time mum. She loves Jesus, reading, drinking a decent cup of coffee, writing and cooking. Then there’s the smaller things that make her equally as happy, like excellent grammar, well thought out design and killer organisation skills.

Kat thinks that everyone should live joyfully, openly,  honestly and to their full capacity. She believes that everybody has a purpose on this earth and that not one person looks like the other, so comparisons are futile. Kat also strongly believes that cat memes are a fundamental part of life.



Tahlia Storms


Tahlia has spent her life growing up in Perth, loving every second of the gorgeous spring weather and hot summers. She is married to a wonderful Canadian man who absolutely hates 40-degree heat, couldn’t care less about food, and claims running gives him headaches – so is basically the complete opposite to her!

Tahlia is obsessed with tea, brunch, Kikki-K anything, the beach, and indoor plants. Her all-time favourite book series is a tie between Harry Potter and Anne of Green Gables. While she once called herself a devoted cat-person, her husband’s dog has also won her heart.

Tahlia graduated Curtin University with a degree in Literary and Cultural studies as well as Professional Writing and Publishing in 2014. She is now studying a Masters of Teaching through the Teach For Australia Program, while working at a high school in Perth as an English and Humanities teacher. Tahlia is also a committed Christian who serves at her church’s youth group each Friday night. Her heart is for all young people to become comfortable in their own skin, and loves to get alongside them to mentor and motivate.

In between studying and teaching, her free time goes into learning everything she can about health, nutrition, and fitness, and applying it into her kitchen and her life. Her fitness goal is to run a marathon in 2017. Her health and fitness journey can be followed at FindingFoodFreedom on Instagram.

Hannah Fowler-Tutt

Hannah Fowler-Tutt


Hannah is a free-spirited creative and professional writer, who like Lauren Conrad also reigns from the hills. She is an alumni of Curtin University, graduating with double majors in creative writing, and professional writing and publishing.

From a young child she was always governed by her creativity, and hopes her love for English and writing will one day guide her into a published life of royalties. Her repertoire as a writer features both works of fiction and non-fiction, as she is currently working on a novel and numerous emotive projects.

She is an avid animal and plant lover, who is passionate about the environment, equality, and world peace. She hopes one day to utilize her writing to bring change and progression to the world.

Hannah is an avid adventurer, who plans on trekking to the base-camp of Mount Everest and pilgrimaging to the Pyramids of Giza before her thirtieth birthday. Her next venture is into the heart of South America, where she will be climbing Machu Picchu and canoeing through the Amazon Rainforest. She hopes to continue her travels of the world; providing she can use her HECS debt as air miles.


All photo images displayed on Her Happy Heart are either owned by the authors, or are free-for-use stock images found on the web. All water colour artwork is owned by Ashleigh Elizabeth. Photo images may be used, provided Her Happy Heart is credited and linked to. All water colour artwork usage is by permission only.