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5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

When I started listening to the radio last year, all I was looking for was some chilled banter that would distract me from the growing anxiety I had about the job I was driving to. While my husband hated the fact that I now knew all the top trending hits (and played them in the shower), I began to arrive to work calmer. I also started to take notice of breakfast-show presenter, Heidi Anderson, on hit 92.9.

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

And the more I listened, the more I began to realise that I’m sure many of us women are listening and championing her on, because, well, there’s just so much to love about her. After months of tuning in, and following Heidi’s Real Heidi  blog online (featuring some very raw truths), I decided to get in contact with her and request an interview. I was expecting my message to stay unread, or to have a kind-but-polite-refusal to an interview, but instead Heidi replied with enthusiasm within a day.

How cool is that?? Seriously, I had friends of friends jumping with enthusiasm. Heidi Anderson is not only bubbly and friendly on her radio station, she’s kind to complete strangers messaging her on social media. (Don’t all now flock to say hi to her though 😉 )

5 Reasons We Love Heidi Anderson | The Perth breakfast radio personality opens up about empowering women and living an authentic, vulnerable life. She's our hero!

Thus bringing me to my first point – we love Heidi because…

  1. She’s approachable

Perhaps the real challenge us women have is that we think that others are unapproachable, or disinterested. But Heidi went as far as asking me about my previous articles on this blog, wanting to help a sister out! She’s encouraging others along with her, and there can be nothing more appealing than a sister cheering others on. “Women need to champion each other – especially online – and not knock each other down just because we might have differing opinions. The sisterhood needs to have each other’s back!”. We’re totally with you on that one, Heidi!

In fact, when asked who her favourite interviewed women were, she told me the first was her grandmother.

“I loved her so much. She passed away last year and I’m still broken. She was one hell of a woman.”

And the second amazing woman that stood out to her was “a woman who was sexually assaulted in a cab. She was so honest and brave. I’ll never forget that.”

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

  1. She’s bloody hilarious

Raw and honest, Heidi is happy to laugh and cry on the radio… and share her most embarrassing moments. We all enjoy a gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The best example I can give is how easily Heidi offered up the truth about how she met her man!

“Griffo and I met when he walked in on me doing a poo on the toilet at a party in London years ago.”

I can only imagine that scene…. Must have been love at first sight!

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

  1. She’s honest

Body image, anxiety, and self-doubt are not uncommon for women to experience and struggle with, but rarely are they spoken about. Heidi grabbed my attention on the radio and her blog because of her boldness in being vulnerable and her strength to speak out about her struggles, paving the way for discussions to open-up about it.

In fact, Heidi says that coming clean on radio about her anxiety was a huge part of her recovery. It was through the community of people who came to understand and support her that she was able to move on with her life.

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

  1. She has her struggles… and is real about them

While we all have our struggles, most of us keep them to ourselves. Heidi is not afraid to admit that she has them too! More than that, she’s opening the discussion for females to love themselves.

“I have a constant battle with the way I see myself but I’m working on that. I am a work in progress. I do my best to love myself but I have my moments. I do lots of stuff to make me a better version of me but it starts with finding little things about yourself to like and affirming those parts of yourself.”

Heidi has plenty of suggestions for sisters also struggling with body image, such as reading lots of books, doing a body-confidence course with Dr. Kat, watching the Embrace documentary, and most importantly… unfollowing inspiring people in her social media feeds.

“The biggest challenge is my mindset and I’m working on that. I unfollowed lots of inspiring people on social media as I was constantly comparing myself. And it’s been so helpful. I have a lot of self-doubt and that’s something that I need to stop as I’m amazing!!!”

We’re with you on that Heidi, and love to hear how vulnerable you are about your challenges!

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

  1. She’s following her dream

More than anything, I just love the way Heidi is going after what she wants. In 2016, she shouted to the world that she was fun and fearless… and proving it with a bungee jump in New Zealand! And once again, she laughed at herself while her co-hosts ruthlessly replayed her saying “I’m a talent”.

Heidi confided in me that while she’s always been fun and fearless, the thought of bungee jumping was not what she meant!

“I’ve always been fun & wild. Fearless yes at times. Fearless to chase my dreams.”

Heidi hopes one day to interview Adele, and Heidi, I sure hope you get to fulfil that dream!

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

Through Heidi’s blog Real Heidi, her hope is to be real, open and raw as she shares her true authentic self with the world. She challenges us all to take that leap, while admitting it will always have its challenges.

“I still find it hard to be vulnerable at times and more so in my relationships as I worry about rejection. It’s a tough one because when you’re vulnerable it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. This year I’m trying to not worry so much about what people think, and look after me.”

If we can learn anything from Heidi, it’s that the more vulnerable we are to the people around us, the more peace we will have, and the more we will inspire others to do the same.

Keep working hard at breaking down the barriers Heidi, we’re all cheering you on!

5 Reasons why we love Heidi Anderson

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  1. Sarah
    Apr 01, 2017

    Inspiring. I’m off to unfollow all the Instagram glamazons and be a bit kinder to myself. Thank you, Heidi, and thank you, Tahlia.

  2. Sarah
    Apr 02, 2017

    Inspiring and so down to earth!


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